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Mitch Name: Mitchell Just

Nationality: Australian/British

Ingame Name: InTe!_MiTcH

Nicknames: Mitch smile

Favorite Maps: Collapsed Tunnel. Hospital, Urban Assult, Pipeline

Favorite Weapons: M-16, M-4

About me: I'm 20 years old. I'm studying education at the University of Qld St Lucia campus. I love basketball, EPL, and AFL. AA and Intel is teh secks <3

CamName: Cameron Glenn

Nationality: Australian/Irish

Ingame Name: InTe!_lokate

Nicknames: gaykate, slowkate, fagkate, kate, loke, shitkate, lock. (use kate, cause only calhomo calls me names)

Favourite maps: MOUT, Pipe, CSAR

Favourite Weapons: M-16, AR and M4

Favourite Sport: Rugby

Hobbies: Heaps of sports. Rugby, tennis, snowboarding, touch, swimming, cricket, volleyball. Only exception is AA, eating and sleeping


Name: Calum Patterson

Nationality: Australian

Ingame Name:InTe!_Calziber

Nicknames: Calz

Favourite maps: Pipeline Sf/Pipeline

Favourite Weapons: the one on sf maps.

Favourite Sport: Soccer bruz

Hobbies: paying out shitkate


Name:Jyles Ashley Gordon Morrell


Ingame Name:InTe!_JonnyBlaze/InTe!_Elitez

Favourite maps: Urban Assault, Weapons Cache, Pipeline

Favourite Weapons: S24, Rifle

Favourite Sport: Swimming/BreastStroke

About Me: I love my Sound =)

AdrianName: Adrian

Nationality: Aussie

Ingame Name: InTe!_MightyBear

Favourite maps: Sandstorm, HQ Raid, Mountain Ambush & Radio Tower

Favourite Weapons: M16, SAW, M4, RPK.

Favourite Sports: Formula 1, Cricket, AFL, Skiing, Rugby Union and League (GO THE MIGHTY BEARS!)

Hobbies: Being a bum and occasionally playing cricket and going skiing.

Nicknames: Mighty, MB, Aido.

About Me: I'm 26 and work full-time for an airline in Sydney doing Aircraft Ops Control. Graduated with a Degree in Aviation from UNSW.

LeathalName: Tim

Nationality: New Zealander/Aussie

Ingame Name: InTe!_Leathal-

Favourite maps: Weapons Cache, Pipeline, MOUT, IC

Favourite Weapons: M4A1 red dot scope, RPK

Favourite Sport(s): Cricket, Union, Soccer

About me: I'm 20 years old, studying physics and am a closet nerd that could probably beat you at a sculling comp and most sports- and I'm not at all cocky

TonyName: Antionio J Mele (Tony is better though)

Nationality: Aussie/Wog/French

Ingame Name: InTe!_WiLdFiRe+FtW

Nicknames: Tones, babe, Meals

Favourite maps: Dusk, Hq Raid, Rummage, Pipe, Hospy

Favourite Weapons: Rpk, Saw, m4

Favourite Sport: Rugby league, Rugby Union, V8 Supercars, Sex smile

Hobbies: Lots of drinking, sex, AA, Fishing, Bush Bashing, Motorbikes, Blowing Shit Up, Gambling,

About Me: Im only a little gay on Sundays i was brought up in the country now i live in Brisbane with my missus i work full time at the Rocklea Fruit Markets running a warehouse full of asian ppl packing shit in crates to try and get into Coles so don't buy there =D, in my spare time i like to drink lots and play aa and watch the footy.

KingzName: Josh Craig Donaldson

Nationality: Australian

Ingame Name: InTe!_KinGz!!

Nicknames: KinGsY, D, Donald Duck, Joshy, sexy cunt.

Favourite maps: Urban Assault, SF csar, WC

Favourite Weapons: M16 FTW

Favourite Sport: Apparently gaming is a sport now so yea Gaming smile

Hobbies: My girlfriend and gaming smile

                                                           About Me: Im probably one of the most chilled out people you will ever meet, i spend most my time with my girl lol sorry boys and i get this wierd feeling in my groin region when i stir coffee wacko I'm being serious.


Name: Ben Kirk

Nationality: AUSSIE FTW

Ingame Name: InTe!_DiRtY^

Nicknames:dirty dirt kirky "omg hacker!" <==personal fav

Favourite maps: pipe mout and tunnel

Favourite Weapons: ar

Favourite Sport: motocross and rugby

Hobbies: i race motorcross yz250f and yz 250, footy some times, aa alot, world of warcraft

About Me:
im 20 years old live in gladstone, queensland, im a boilermaker/pipefitter for Watsons pipeing
im always loosin my licence, currently racked up 37points in 2 years--- 500hp xr6t ute


Name: Timothy
Nationality: Australian

Ingame Name: InTe!_crow

Favourite maps: Pipeline, Pipeline and... hmm.. Pipeline. Mouts good too.

Favourite Weapons: Supersoaker 9000

Favourite Sports: Played Australian Football for about 8 years, but am now more into the extreme sports.. ie the Redbull air races.

Hobbies: Taking long walks on the beach, brushing my hair etc.. Srsly. I enjoy a bit of Photography, get to see different places each time.

Nicknames: Batesy, Timmy, Tim, crow etc..

About Me: I'm 19 and work a casual position for an airline baby company based at Adelaide as an 'Airliner Service Operator'.
Currently training for my private pilots license (ppl), then onto my commercial afterward.

Name: Nicole 

Nationality: Aussie

Ingame Name: InTe!_NickyDee

Nicknames: Nicky, Knickers

Favourite maps: Hospy, Pipe, Urban (plus most SF maps)

Favourite Weapons: C18, RPK/AR

Favourite Sport: Pffft

Hobbies: Sex, Movies, Dinner with family/friends, relaxing at home with my boyfriend

About Me: Uni bum from Sydney studying ancient and medieval history

Name: Matt

Nationality: Aussie

Ingame Name: InTe!_STeWie

Favourite maps: Pipe, MOUT, Urban

Favourite Weapons: no favourites all fun

Favourite Sports: Cricket, Rugby League

Hobbies: surprisingly playing computer lol and sports

Nicknames: Stewie (never woulda guessed it)

About Me: Travel agent by day super hero by night

Nationality: English / Australian resident

Ingame Name: InTe!_MoJo.

Favourite maps: Insurgent Camp / Hospital / Pipeline

Favourite Weapons: M4 / RPK

Favourite Sports: Football

Hobbies: Drinking smoking and playing football

About Me: Im joe, a 21 year old unemployed bricklayer from Perth and Ive been living on beans on toast for the last few weeks. Any donations are welcome unless its in the form of beans. thx.

Name: Andre

Nationality: Colombian

Ingame Name: -iNtel.

Favourite maps: impact, alley

Favourite Weapons: M16A4DMR, M16A4, Left Jab 

Favourite Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Boxing/Kickboxing, Shooting.

Hobbies: The ones that take up most of my time: Composing music and writing.

Nicknames: Dre

About Me: I'm about as latino as it can get with an aussie accent.

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